The World Is BMF

Commissioned by Demetrius Flenory, known as " Big Meech", the head of an organization know as the Black Mafia Family. Flenory placed McKnight in responsibility of an initiative know as BMF Entertainment. Through the early 2000's, the hip-hop scene in the Southern region of the United States was rapidly transforming, with the emergence of artists such as Radric "Gucci Mane" Davis and Jay Wayne "Young Jeezy" Jenkins. Originally raised in Carson, California, McKnight brought with a a sense of hip-hop genre, that originated from the San Francisco Bay Area, and was inspired by influential artists such as Andre Louis "Mac Dre" Hicks and John "Ras Kass" Austin IV, to the southern destination of Atlanta Georgia. With this being said, McKnight had a very important influence on the musical style that developed within Southern hip-hop. This occurrence eventually had a huge cultural impact of greater Atlanta along the lines of social culture and night life.

BMF Swish Gang SODMG

Calico Jonez' movement is "SwishGang " and united with Bleu Davinci they formed the division BMF Swishgang.


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